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Mixing a song requires knowledge, experience and a lot of work. While in recent years, home recording artists try to mix on their own, in many cases, they get frustrated for not getting the sound they really wanted. How to get that punchy base drum... those killer rhythm guitars... not everyone can be a sound engineer, but this still doesn't mean you can't get great results even without going to a professional mixing studio... This is where MIX TEMPLATES come in and provide amazing ready mix templates for a variety of genres that will give you that professional edge for your mix!   


You recorded your song and now have all your files and channels ready for mix... now the question is... how to mix? what comes first? which plug-ins should I use? how to use them? in what order? Learning how to mix will take you a very long time and you will need guidance and experience.


With MIX TEMPLATES, your starting point will be from a whole different level. You get a full project ready with a variety of channels, all pre-arranged and prepared with the appropriate plug-ins, EQs, compressors, limiters, effects, groups and more. These have been engineered by professionals for different genres, all offered here by us.     


Our MIX TEMPLATES solution is currently available for Cubase only. For simplicity, as many plug-ins are available to be added on Cubase, we prepared our templates using only the plug-ins that are provided with the original Cubase version, this is so you will not find yourself unable to enjoy the MIX TEMPLATES solution due to not owning a specific plug-in.  

What are the advantages of using MIX TEMPLATES


  • Simple process: download, drag & drop your recorded tracks into the project file, and enjoy the amazing result.

  • Easy to use template, built according to audio mixing methodologies used by sound experts.

  • Gives you access to mixing knowledge you will not get anywhere else.

  • Download once, enjoy it forever, for any song, at any time.

  • Adjustable template, personalize it however you see fit: modify, add, delete, duplicate... it is yours to add your own personal touch to it.

  • We offer different products for different genres. 

  • User friendly approach

  • Get the sound of a pro artist, without being a professional sound technician

  • Affordable offering to get you the 'expensive' result


Click here to read what is a MIX TEMPLATE

Click our FAQ page to see answers to some of the questions you may have


We, at MIXPRO, are uniquely positioned. We believe the best judgment comes from your own ears, listen to our pre and post mixing tracks and mix samples from some of the projects using our products. 


Contact us and lets get your songs mixed perfectly.



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